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Useful advice for pregnant moms

Things you wish you’ve known when expecting your first child

Things you wish you’ve known when expecting your first child Alena Photography Charleston Newborn photographer

As a mom of three kids there are several things I wish I would’ve known when I was expecting my first child. No-one can prepare you for what’s coming. I have gathered some valuable advice from my clients, mom-friends and myself to help guide all the new mothers.


One of the most useful advice that was given to me was about sleep. As hard as it is to sleep during the last months of pregnancy do try to take it easy and sleep. Different sizes of pillows were my favorites to use and so comfortable. Getting a good pregnancy pillow maybe a good option for you. Follow this link to see one of the most popular option


Books have always been a window to a new world for me and an opportunity to learn something new. First thing I did when I found out I am pregnant is researching what books should I read. My mind was craving information and reassurance that I am alright, that everything will be alright. According to Wikipedia one of the most popular books is “What to expect when you are expecting” by Heidi Murkoff sold more than 42 million copies and are published in 38 countries and in 44 languages. Do yourself a favor and read it first!

Some other books to check out:


Woman’s body undergoes a remarkable transformation during pregnancy. Suddenly your emotions are overflowing, your body is changing, you are growing a human and it is a very hard job. Be grateful for your body’s abilities and treat yourself well.

Doing something for yourself will help you fill whole, uplift your mood because life will never be the same once your baby is born.

Join the book club, learn to knit, take sewing classes, go for a massage or simply go out for dinner with your partner can be amazing! Go do something that you enjoy but can’t bring baby to!


Preparing full meals after delivery can be a challenge. Write down a meal plan for quick and easy ideas, prepare freezer meals you like or ask your friends to set up a meal train. New moms need nutrition and good quality food as much as they need rest after delivery. List of favorite delivery places can also come in handy for all your late night cravings.

And last but not least: Enjoy silence and sit still feeling and enjoying the miracle of pregnancy!

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