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Cake Smash Photography FAQ’s

Booking in advance is highly recommended. Please book 3-4 weeks before your child’s actual first birthday to allow to to discuss set up and colors.

Decorations and one outfit is included in all the set up and will depend on your chosen package.

Alena Photography will provide one coordinating outfit. Clients are welcome to bring their own additional outfits and accessories like hats, ties, necklaces.

This may happen. Some children go right in and some are hesitant. A lot of babies are texture sensitive and may not like to get their hands dirty. I recommend getting a small cupcake for practice run sometime before the session. That way your child will be familiar with smashing the cake concept. Also it is always a good idea to bring child’s favorite dry snack like cheerios that can be hidden in the cake to get him interested.

Water, snacks for the baby and favorite lovie are helpful. Change of clothes for mom and dad as parents often get messy, towel if baby is having a splash bath.

Scheduling between baby’s naps is ideal between 10 am and 2 pm.