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Sweet one Ice cream fun

For most people in the world “ice cream” brings up a lot of memories. For me – it is summer time, eating sweet cool dessert is the best kind f memory. Growing up in Russia our most popular ice cream was vanilla kind in the waffle cone. For Italians – it’s gelato, in Japan – mochi, in America – too many to list.

Where did exactly ice cream came from? Many theories have been going around and it will depend on where are you from. Some say Marco Polo brought it from his traveling, others say Italian born Catharine de Medici first introduced it to French court after marrying king Henry II.

According to Wikipedia non of those tales are true. Ice cream origin is more ancient then we think and older versions look nothing like the frozen creamy stuff we eat today. You can read all about it here

How do you say it all relates to photography?

Ice cream photo session has been long on my bucket list. I bought and outfit, had ideas and was waiting for the right family to contact me. Baby Rhyan’s family came along in October 2020. After talking with Ivin, baby’s mom, we agreed on the set up and colors, outfits and the most important, day of the photo session.

We started our ice cream smash photo session with some portraits in the beautiful dress. While dad was mixing up all kinds of ice creams and adding tasty fixings to a bowl for Rhyan to eat.

Changing to one of a kind ice cream smash outfit was next on our list and it fit perfectly. Baby looked so adorable and ready to dive in! Enjoy sweet Rhyan!

How do you end this kind of photo session? With a splash bath, of course!

Ice cream bowl full of fun!

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