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5 Tips for a sleepy baby – rock your…

5 Tips for a Sleepy Baby – Rock your Newborn Session

You’ve booked your newborn portrait session and now you are just dreaming about sleepy baby. You want those curly, precious newborn poses and images. It comes up in every parent’s mind. I have 5 tips for a sleepy baby. So, relax, read on and let your newborn rock her session.

sleepy baby


Plan your baby’s feeding. The best time for a photographer to start working with your baby is right after a meal. Image, eating a 3 course dinner at Christmas. What is the best thing to do after? Take a NAP! Arrive at the studio ready to nurse or nurse right before leaving the house.

swaddled newborn sleepy
sleepy newborn rocking photo shoot


Give your baby a full feeding. No need to rush. If your baby is still hungry when we start , it will make things more difficult. I say – relax and take your time. Baby will let you know when she is done.

newborn girl sleeping
newborn girl


It might be hard but try to take a moment for yourself and rest. Babies pick up on your mood and it will help you look best. Talk to your baby, enjoy your morning, stick to your routine if you have any. Even newborns like structure and schedule. I say: relax, take a shower, plan your morning.

 sleepy  baby newborn
sibling holding newborn baby


It is always a good idea to soothe and pamper your baby before newborn photo shoot. Warm bath, light massage with baby-friendly lotion will not only help your baby to relax but it also helps you to calm and bond with your little one. It is also helps with newborn dry, flaky skin and prepares the baby for the photo shoot. A little lotion goes a long way!

sleepy newborn baby girl


Consider bringing a pacifier. You might not like this idea and your little baby maybe have not used one yet. And I certainly do not want to interfere with nursing but pacifiers can be extremely helpful in soothing your baby. I have some I keep in the studio if you don’t have one with you. It personally helps to ready your baby’s cues and can be especially helpful to newborns with strong suckling reflux.

sleepy baby rocking her newborn photo shoot

I will be delighted to photograph this major milestone in your life. My studio offers a beautiful experience and tangible wall art pieces for families. let’s create some memories together.

Interested to read more about family’s first portraits? Check out my other blog post here

Do you like props I used in this session? The crown is from wonderful Euginia

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Newborn session – what to expect – Charleston SC

Newborn session – what to expect from a “premier” newborn session – Charleston SC Newborn Photographer

There are thousand photographers in Charleston area and many of them are newborn photographers. So what sets me apart? Why should you choose Alena Photography?

Alena Photography is a “premier or upscale newborn photographer” – what exactly does it mean? What should you expect from a session with Alena Photography?

You can also see more of my work examples on portfolio pages

newborn session
Cute “Froggy”

Planning Your Premier Newborn Session

I don’t just show up, take your portraits and email you images. Every single sessions is customized for a different need and different goal in mind. What is your style and does it parallel with my portrait style?

My style is soft, neutral and classic. My work is not elaborate even when I use trendy props. What do you like and what do you not like? The consultation is a great moment to connect and find out about your vision.

newborn baby girl sleeping
newborn session baby girl
newborn session baby girl in bonnet

Experience and education

Alena Photography has been working with newborns since July 2017 and have photographed over 50 babies. I pride myself on constant education and attend several conferences and workshops yearly. The goal is to bring you the best quality portraits for your home. When you hire Alena Photography, you are hiring an expert in maternity and newborn portraiture.

This year I have attended Belly Baby and Beyond Conference and received training from several well-know photographers. Check out for more information about this event

newborn baby girl smiles
Baby smiles
newborn session baby girl
newborn baby girl sleeping relaxed

Refined Editing

All portraits are completely, professionally edited. I hand-edit each image – Removing blemishes, smoothing skin, adjusting skin tone and slightly contouring to body lines. Distracting elements are removed. Your portraits should be works of art ready for your home and walls. Please feel free to address any concerns in the consultation about what I can edit.

Portraits to take home

Every session starts with the end result in mind. I don’t just create images for social media or for quick posting. I create portraits for your home and images that will outlast you and your children. Clients who come to me choose me for my style. They are also interested in having me print their gallery portraits to preserve quality of photographs.

baby wrapped in pink
baby sleeping on her tummy
woman holding newborn baby

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Charleston SC who offers better experience then let’s have a conversation! Contact me today to design your dream session

Family’s First portrait – Newborn Photographer Charleston SC

Family’s first portrait – Importance of this moment – Newborn photographer Charleston SC – Alena Photography

newborn photographer charleston sc
Family’s first portrait

Take a minute to remember the first photograph you have of yourself as a baby. What thoughts go through your head as you look at your face? How do you feel looking at your cheeks, your lips and your eyes? There may be a hint of similarity, things you can see in yourself along with a feeling of amazement and wonder perhaps?

Do you have your family’s first portrait? Does this photograph exist for you? What feelings go through your head as you look at these images? If your parents have already passed this world then do you feel more emotional to hold these?

Simple questions about a simple photograph and yet, the weight of the image is more than most. Yes, one day your children will search for a portrait of you. They will search for this. They will look because you are gone – and what will they find? How will they feel about these images?

What do you want them to feel about their family’s first portrait?

charleston sc newborn photographer
pretty in pink
newborn photography charleston sc
charleston sc newborn photographer
newborn photography charleston sc
newborn photography charleston sc
charleston sc newborn photography
safe in Dad’s arms
newborn photography charleston
beautiful family

Unquestionably, a beautiful newborn portrait is an heirloom piece that captures the beginnings of new life. It is a beautiful form of art that lives between a portrait and a timeless realm. This moment that has been stopped, able to relive it for generations to come. It holds the weight of a singular event impacting countless more lives.

I would love to create your family’s first portrait. I would love to share this moment with your family. If you would like to contact Alena Photography to discuss your newborn session, then click the link to get in touch

Check out my preferred vendors and their props I’ve used in this session

Choosing baby photographer

Choosing a baby photographer for your session can be a difficult task. So many options of styles but all you want is simple newborn session. The time has come, your due date is near, hospital bag is packed and you have a clear vision of how you want you newborn pictures to look like.

For some people having it simple is the way to go. Capturing new baby in it’s fresh phase doesn’t require fancy bonnets, outfits or backdrops. Cream or white blanket, simple white once and a couple of neutral wraps is all you need.

Result will be amazing, timeless, classical, pure baby portraits to cherish for a lifetime.

Let me tell you about baby Elijah.

When his mom contacted me, she new she wanted clean, cream backgrounds, simple portraits of her baby. Elijah was healthy 4 week old and cute as a newborn baby boy can be!

Picking props for their session was a breeze. I might packed and sneaked one bonnet during our session but mom didn’t mind.

Elijah has a brother and a sister and, of course, capturing connection and a special bond between children is one of the best things of my job. The whole family is in love with this little guy.

This family chose to do a lifestyle portraits and I was happy to photograph the whole team together. What can be better then relaxed images of the family in their favorite room of the house.

What can I say, picturing a baby with his loved once is very rewarding and it is even better to know that this pictures will stay with them for generations to come.

Thinking you want simple session? Send me a message and let’s design it.

Wanting something more and like to incorporate props? Check out examples of my work on or Instagram

For right now enjoy this beautiful newborn photosession and remember, choosing a baby photographer in advance, will elevate a stress of looking for one

Sweet Baby L , Newborn photographer Charleston SC

baby photo
Newborn Beauty

Sweet baby L, Newborn photographer Charleston SC

The whole family was awaiting for baby L’s arrival. Mom and Dad already have two boys and baby girl completes their family.

One hot July morning little newborn beauty makes her appearance. Mom and Dad could not be more happier. Can you blame them? Look at this cute face and a head full of hair.

Now Mom was ready to schedule her photosession with the newborn photographer in town.

newborn portrait

“My little princess” Mom mentioned in our conversation when booking and new I had to incorporate flowers and newborn crown. And pink color!

Flowers are always on my mind when I design session for newborn girls. I’ve used a flower backdrop for this set but decided to incorporate some more in a different set up. I love when my clients give me freedom in creating that results in beautiful portraits.

Newborn portrait

Baby L’s great-grand mother came to visit family while I was photographing and of course we had to document this big event. I love when clients ask me to capture family connection and honored to do so.

I am blessed to have amazing clients and hoping to see baby L grow. For now I will enjoy this newborn photosession and printing couple of favorites for my studio.

This session took place in the family’s home and color of their walls fit perfectly for their portraits. How adorable those two boys are?

Last but not least another set of pictures. Using different colors and textures to create diversity makes a beautiful finished gallery. This set came in from one of my favorite vendors

My studio is located in Charleston SC at 2544 Ashley River Road, suite C

Check out more baby pictures on my Facebook page or Instagram

Enjoy this gorgeous newborn photos!

To book a session, fill up my contact form and I will be in touch

Newborn photosession

Baby Photography Charleston SC

Baby photography – Alena Photography Charleston SC

Have you ever wondered how does a full newborn photo session gallery looks like? Most of the photo shoots last about 3 hours and that’s a lot of time for a lot of pictures. Only best photos of you and your sweet newborn baby will make the cut.

Check out baby Bennett’s gallery and decide for yourself.

The Bonow family, residents of Charleston SC, came to my studio in mid June, when their baby boy made his appearance 3 weeks early. Bennett was a champ and slept through his entire newborn photosession and allowed us to do several set ups.

I always encourage parents to participate and take pictures while at the studio.

This timeless portraits will stay with the family forever reminding them how tiny and new their baby was.

baby photography
Sweet newborn Bennett and his new friend

Baby photography became know about 30 years ago and evolved to a different styles. Pick up a book by Anne Geddess to see where it all started.

Posed newborn sessions require special training for safety. I strongly recommend to research and ask your photographer if he/she attended a professional workshop. Newborn photography is also an art. Every photographer brings creativity and imagination in making each set up.

Interested in learning more? Have questions? Send me a message and let’s discuss

Not sure how to prepare for your session? Check out my other post to get you prepared

charleston sc newborn photography

Newborn session for a winner

Right around my birthday in February, I’ve ran a contest to gift a deserving family in Charleston a mini newborn session. I could not pick a better winner then Lindsay and her baby girl Aspen. What an unusual name for our warm South Carolina!

I and Lindsay met in my studio in West Ashley and began to work. I picked a floral backdrop and it matched Aspen’s skin ton wonderful! Could not be happier how the whole session turned out.

Lindsay brought the prettiest crown for us to use during our newborn session.

And of course, bows and hearts! Which girl doesn’t love it!

After all, Charleston SC is a southern city and bows are in order!

For the Love of Babies

Babies are the purest and most precious bundles of joy. Absolutely nothing compares to the moment when they first enter this world. Capturing their first 5 to 14 days on camera is priceless and is such a privilege to be able to do so. It’s such a joy to share this experience with parents who want to hold these precious moments forever.
Safety of your little one is my highest priority. Some photos aren’t what they seem and require multiple shorts to be taken that are then merged in Photoshop afterwards to achieve the desired result.
Countless hours are spent each year on professional development, ensuring your baby is being handled, posed and styled safely and creatively.