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newborn photoshoot

Newborn photoshoot in studio

No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey considering newborn photoshoot in studio is something a lot of expectant mothers do these days. Let me walk you through the process and highlight the advantages of booking a professional newborn photographer.

Welcoming new baby into your life is a magical time but it also can be very stressful. Things like clean house and laundry get to be put on the back burner. Newborn photoshoot is studio will let you not to worry about those things. I strive to make each session unique and relaxed. There is no need for clean house as my studio is set up with clients in mind.

Another perk of booking a studio newborn photoshoot is accessories and all necessary props will be provided. No need to spend extra money on headbands or speciality outfits that your baby won’t be able to wear in the future. Are you into minimal style or all white session? I got that covered too. Being in the studio allows me creative freedom in case you change your mind about certain set up or color.

Newborn sessions can usually last from 1 to 3 hours and will depend on the baby.  Large majority of the babies that come into my studio do not sleep through their entire session. That is why we allow for plenty of time to feed and snuggle your newborn should they need it. While I am more than happy to photograph an awake baby, I do want them calm and happy.

Family portraits are another important part of my work. Have other children? We will start with sibling and family portraits to give the rest of the family an opportunity to leave if needed. I keep different outfits for moms and some for kids to use.

newborn with sibling photo newborn boynewborn baby boy studio newborn photoshootnewborn photoshoot in studio