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5 Tips for a sleepy baby – rock your…

5 Tips for a Sleepy Baby – Rock your Newborn Session

You’ve booked your newborn portrait session and now you are just dreaming about sleepy baby. You want those curly, precious newborn poses and images. It comes up in every parent’s mind. I have 5 tips for a sleepy baby. So, relax, read on and let your newborn rock her session.

sleepy baby


Plan your baby’s feeding. The best time for a photographer to start working with your baby is right after a meal. Image, eating a 3 course dinner at Christmas. What is the best thing to do after? Take a NAP! Arrive at the studio ready to nurse or nurse right before leaving the house.

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sleepy newborn rocking photo shoot


Give your baby a full feeding. No need to rush. If your baby is still hungry when we start , it will make things more difficult. I say – relax and take your time. Baby will let you know when she is done.

newborn girl sleeping
newborn girl


It might be hard but try to take a moment for yourself and rest. Babies pick up on your mood and it will help you look best. Talk to your baby, enjoy your morning, stick to your routine if you have any. Even newborns like structure and schedule. I say: relax, take a shower, plan your morning.

 sleepy  baby newborn
sibling holding newborn baby


It is always a good idea to soothe and pamper your baby before newborn photo shoot. Warm bath, light massage with baby-friendly lotion will not only help your baby to relax but it also helps you to calm and bond with your little one. It is also helps with newborn dry, flaky skin and prepares the baby for the photo shoot. A little lotion goes a long way!

sleepy newborn baby girl


Consider bringing a pacifier. You might not like this idea and your little baby maybe have not used one yet. And I certainly do not want to interfere with nursing but pacifiers can be extremely helpful in soothing your baby. I have some I keep in the studio if you don’t have one with you. It personally helps to ready your baby’s cues and can be especially helpful to newborns with strong suckling reflux.

sleepy baby rocking her newborn photo shoot

I will be delighted to photograph this major milestone in your life. My studio offers a beautiful experience and tangible wall art pieces for families. let’s create some memories together.

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