Cake Smash and Splash Photo Session

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Cake Smash and Splash Photo Session

Cake smash and splash photo session – Alena Photography – Charleston SC cake smash photographer

Tradition to celebrate baby’s first birthday has been sweeping families for the past few years. There are many ideas and spin-offs, like Smash and splash, where baby gets to splash in the tub after eating cake. Paint smash, where baby or toddler gets to paint. Even adults are enjoying this type of sessions with Fabulous themes.

Cake smash tradition

It’s generaly thought that cake smash tradition comes from two similar combined cake-focused celebrations. In Mexico there is will known event called the Mordida in which a child take s bite of the cake first time in their life. Mordida means bite in Spanish. In front of family and friends baby gets covered in icing eating his cake.

There is also classic tradition to share a cake on the wedding day. Many people link this to the beginning of cake smashing.

In the past, a loaf of bread was shared at the wedding and crumbs were sprinkled over brides head. Guests would grab crumbs and eat them for good luck.

There is also an old Roman tradition where couples would throw wedding cake at each other. Bride and groom and US fed each other cake to lovingly ensure a good marriage.

Cake smash and splash

In the modern time cake smash and splash photo session takes place in the photography studio. In some occasions outside is also a good choice. Just add a beautiful cake, cute baby and camera and you are all set. Be prepared for a lot of funny and messy faces , then clean it up in the bath.

With many ideas circulating the internet possibilities are endless. Essentially, when it comes to cake smash photo session, the baby is usually too young to pick a theme on his own. Most parents consult for some ideas or trust their chosen photographer designs.

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this particular family from maternity to cake smash. Mom picked one of the most popular theme : Where the wild things are.

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