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Children photography and self-esteem

Children photography and self-esteem Alena Photography Charleston SC Photographer

Children photography is one the most important and unique genres. Every child is different. With the help of a photographer it is a fun experience to bring out a child’s personality during photo shoot. Why exactly do we take pictures of children? One of the answers can be to help with self-esteem.

Psychologists and experts had some research in recent decades learning this topic.

“Self-esteem is a set of attitudes and beliefs that a person brings with him or herself when facing the world. It includes beliefs as to whether he or she can expect success or failure, how much effort should be put forth, whether failure at a task will “hurt,” and whether he or she will become more capable as a result of different experiences. In psychological terms, self-esteem provides a mental set that prepares the person to respond according to expectations of success, acceptance, and personal strength.”

Stanley Coopersmith, Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventories Manual

Murfreesboro study

There was one particular study that stood out. In 1975 Jerry Fryrear of Tulane University and Mary Ammerman with Murfreesboro  City Schools tested many 4th graders in Tennessee.

The children were selected from a set of test results indicating they had self-esteem scores below the median score of all the fourth-grade students. These chosen students participated in a carefully set-up study over the course of five-weeks.

During those five weeks children took photos of themselves using Polaroid cameras in different settings. Later scrapbooks were created out of those images.

New testing after completing of this project revealed 37% increase of children self-esteem. Groups of kids not participating in the project only showed increase of 10%.

Here is the link to this study:;2-X/abstract

So the Murfreesboro study showed that personal children photography can help boost self-esteem.

Power of prints

In this digital era many people are relying on electronic devices to hold their photos. There is something special about holding a beautiful printed child portrait. Experts recommend placing photos with family in friends in child’s room. Print your photos!

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